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Was there any other versions of this game?

when can i play it

Wish you would put up the last prototype back up so I could give a try before I buy, It would be greatly appreciated.

i dont see the download

well the game is now on steam and the final version will be released soon so we have blocked the download here :)

oh okay :)

Why cant people try it for themselves? Then people wont just resort to videos and posts to understand the game.


checked it out on steam cant find the button download . did you really release it or what ? :o

Hi ! You can add it to your wish list, the game is not released yet, it will be available soon ;)

would love to hear about the release date or just an approximation if you may . Thank you

Of course ! we will keep eveyone informed when the date will be confirmed :)

how can it be downloaded :(

It will be available on Steam here :

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my take on the game :D

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yeah i bet its gonna be 2.99 instead of free XD i know it will...

Let me guess, $2.99?

thank you so much.....btw the whole game is awesome

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best music ever, I really wanna learn that, when the song is available can u also release a music sheet with it? THANK YOU for taking ur time to respond:)


Hi little buddy ! thank i glad to hear that ! That's it's a good suggestion, I has made a new song for the game yesterday ;) hihih, your suggestion is realy a good idea, in fact when the game will be for sale, the music will be for sale too ( with a better quality indeed ) for a little price, So If it's possible i think to put the paritions, the sheet, the scores with it, and in the description, or in an over place ( steam community, itchio, a website, i don't know where but somewere ) for free !

Have a nice day

this game is awesome, but plzzzzzz Wats the name of the song that plays when u click, "calm music" I love it and can't find it anywhere, thanks for the gam

Hey ! Thank you ! :)
Sorry but the music is made by us and is not available for the moment.. Stay tuned for the release of the game, the soundtrack will be available with the game ;)

Here's my let's play of "Who Must Die?"

Thanks for posting this game on Itchio!! Really enjoyed playing it :-)

The premise is creative- but the game could obviously use a bit of polish (menus, grammar/spellcheck, a quick guide on which keys do what). Further, I never felt terribly attached to any of the characters so killing one never seemed like a difficult choice to make, and consequently, killing myself always seemed like a silly choice I would never make.

I can see how the devs tried to touch on the "human" element of the patients with the scared mutterings of one of the patients when I turned the lights out. Not only was it really creepy, but it at least inspired a little pity in me. The game needs a lot more of that to make the decision seem as earth-shattering as it is meant to be.

Also, the guardian is creepy as fuck! Even if he never actually comes into the room, it would be great to use the environment surrounding the monitors a bit more to make it seem like he could come in at any time. Footsteps of him walking down the hall when he goes into a patients room, maybe knocking on the door of my office, etc.

Can't wait to see the final version of this game.

Thank you for playing the game ! :D
Actually, this version of the game has been made in 3 days and we are aware that the game is missing some things.
Be sure that we are taking notes from your feedbacks. It's important for us to make a good final version.
We are so impatient to publish it ! We'll keep you in touch for the release date ! :)

its not running, when i enter the game it kicks me out of the game window and i can't go back. i have to shut it down. i have tried both 32 and 64 bit.

This is a fantastic concept, but I didn't feel like there was any weight to the decisions. In games where you have to make a sadistic choice (Game of Thrones, Until Dawn, Life Is Strange and so forth) you need to feel invested in the characters whose life is at stake or else it's just a case of 'meh'. In this game you actually feel justified in killing people because you're doing it to save lives so when you choose wrong it just feels like 'oh well, it's for the greater good' since there's no connection with the characters.

I think for the final version you might want to have files that detail things about the subjects that will make you able to identify and sympathise with them The microphone stuff isn't enough (you don't even know for sure which person you're hearing speak). I did like the little touches like seeing them dance to the music. It would be good if the characters expressed some of their personality via their actions when you observe them but I understand that you're limited in your footage of them.

I hope this feedback is useful in some way!

Yeah ! good idea ! :)

Maybe you will see some more details on each subjects in the final version... who knows ? ;)

8.5/10 Great (For A Prototype) This Game Is Getting Great I Want To See The Final Version Of This :D

thank you a lot ! We planning to sell the finish game on steam on September ! :D

Wow If This Game Get Paid I Will Buy It Without Even Looking At The Price!

I need help on installing and playing it pls

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Download the game, Unzip it, Open the folder and run the exe :)

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Fun and interesting. I really enjoyed your game. I made a playthrough of it on my channel. Check it out

thank mate ! we'll watch it :)

i think its grate its like a prsion simulator love it but it lags on my laptop

The prototype version is not optimized, the final version will have lots of option to adapt the game to your laptop ;)

thanks cant wait but i have one question can you port the laptop editon with unity so you can lower the graphics.thanks.

The graphics will be adaptable in the menu. We are currently working on it .

i think its grate its like a prsion simulator love it but it lags on my laptop

We are working on a stable and optimize version though.

Hi, i have downloaded the 32-bit version of the game but it is very laggy for me and i cant seem to find any settings. My graphic card is ATI Radeon 3600 HD, dual core 2.5 Ghz.

We are aware of bug and lag in this version. Know that the prototype version is not optimized, the final version will have lots of option to adapt the game to your laptop ;)

Im looking forward to it :

for sum reson it wont let me download I keep getting these vids for sum reasn

30th of January, 2016.

Great game. So any progress on the full version? Will the soundtrack like the soft and hard music be uploaded?

We are currently working hard on the project :)

The soundtrack will be available soon too ! Our Sound designer is working on new sounds so he's a bit busy.

I did not expect a reply after the last comment before mine being...... 40+ days ago. But either way, you have my all due respect in this. The best part, to my opinion, is the soft music. Being someone very Napoleonic, I tend to.... think of my life, actually, very touching. Indeed, very touching.

thank you, our sound designer is giving himself 100% to have the best music as possible !

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Software does not start und windows enterprise 32bit. It always tells me to get the version for my version of windows.

We are sorry of that, we will post a win32 version of the project :)

Hey ! we have just uploaded an update version of the project ! We have now a 32 bits version ! :D

I can't get it to load, says it cant load the .uproject.

try downloading the game again, something must have crashed during the download :)

I did, same error.

i need help making this game can someone help

to finish it you mean ? try youtube videos, lot of people show how to play it :)

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This game was very interesting and really made me think for a minute. I really can't wait to see what happens in a finalized version! I also made a let's play of this game. Feel free to check it out and if you enjoy the video please subscribe to my channel! I post new videos daily and I love playing games found here on!

You will be amazed, I promise ! ;)

I have faith in you!

Hi, I have been developing a "vehicle stunt simulator" and would like to know how you rendered tv screens.

What do you mean by "rendered tv screen " ? having this kind of effect or put video on tv screen ?

That's ok I managed to use a script I found on web. I meant how to render in-game camera input to a tv surface.

It says the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are using

i am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit i can't play this game

can't help with this bug :/ I looked for a solution but no one seems having this bug.

Hey ! we have just uploaded an update version of the project ! We have now a 32 bits version ! :D

I absolutely adore this little game - there's so much potential in it! Can anyone tell me what the soundtracks are...

Hey ! thank you dude ! :)
We will upload the new soundtrack of the game soon !

Waiting for the final version :)

30th of January, 2016.

So any progress on the game? Will the soundtrack like the soft and hard music be uploaded?

Dude Congrat Jacksepticeye play it. He just upload it half hour ago.

Here's my Let's Play of the game!


Dude, you're hilarious. I'm gonna go subscribe to your channel!


Oh thank you so much!! :D All the love!

Stay rad! :D

Thank you for this very funny video ! :)

You're welcome! :D Thank you for making the game! Even thou I didn't know how to choose which one to kill... haha x'D


Cant wait for the full version of this!


we can't too ! ;)


I just want to say. It was really a great game. enjoyed that too much

Alia Larib


thank you so much, we love that kind of feedbak ! :)

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I just played this game, it was stuttery for me but I'll put my let's play up here once it's uploaded. Very good concept, never really found out if it was loaded or not.

Edit, here you go:


thank you for the video ! :)


Really Enjoyed playing the game, but i want to know more!!! and by the way... i found the Easter Egg :D


hey you're the first one to find the glitch ! hope you like it and stay tuned for the final version ! :)


Wooop! im so glad :D, cant wait for the final version! you have some dedicated fans guys so stick with it!


That was... O__O wow


thank you ! :)