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In this prototype, you build a world for cats. Place different types of terrain, add buildings to give life to your world. Explore the different biomes and chill.
There is no objectives in the game, just relax and play.
This game can be played with only the mouse.

Controls :

- Move around by putting the mouse on the border of the screen

- Left click to place Terrain/Building

- Right click to turn Terrain/Building

----------------Road map----------------

V0.0.1 : 

  • Place terrain such as land, water, cities and train rails.
  • Place buildings on land (Shop and Train Station), on water (Port)
  • Watch cats using train to move around 
  • Earn new buildings buy placing terrains

Update 1 - Building update :

  • More buildings
  • Train rails update automatically to fit the surrounding one
  • Bug fixes
  • Added mountains to place
  • Cats can now use port to move around
  • Cats can now walk in lands surrounding cities
  • Recolor terrains
  • Added relics (no behaviour for now)
  • Cats can now buy customizations in shops
  • Reworked decorations for terrain (plants, trees, etc.)
  • Added city levels

Update 2 - Road Update :

  • Roads can be linked to cities and building
  • Cats will take the road to go to a building
  • Added Bakery in the possible buildings
  • Added Mountains in the possible terrains
  • Bug fix

Update 3 - Graphical Update V1 :

  • Coming Soon...

Update 4 - UI & Save/Load Update :

  • Coming Soon...

More Updates Soon...


Build.zip 62 MB

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