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Kingdom Traveler is a prototype of a mix of game genres such as RPG, Board Game, Visual Novel, Idle Game.

The aim is to explore the world and rebuild your destroyed castle. Gather informations, upgrade your equipment. Find constellation cards to earn new bonus. Craft stuff, buy and sell goods and defeat enemies on your way to your revenge.

Version 0.2

  • Added :
    • new Icons and UI
    • Reactions to Items
    • Quest page
    • main menu
    • Fonts
  • Updated :
    • World map
    • Flow of the menus
    • Feedback and Fonts

Version 0.1

  • Added : 
    • Basic star map with one constellation card. 
    • 3 same towns with 3 sellers inside.
    • Basic objects to craft
    • Inventory where you can equip and visualize your stuff
    • Begin of narration and basic navigation
    • Basic combat system


Build.zip 113 MB

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